Education Programs conducted within the village for women's safety

AADO’s vision is for self-sustainable communities in Afghanistan Mission The Afghan Australian Development Organisation (AADO) provides education and training in Afghanistan for those with minimal opportunities in particular women, to foster sustainable livelihoods and develop professional skills.  AADO has a proven track record of high outcome, low cost programs which are delivered by local project staff with […]

Our Work


In the last eleven years, AADO has implemented projects in Kabul, Herat, Samangan, Kunar, Uruzgan and Parwan provinces in Afghanistan, providing basic literacy, numeracy, health and vocational training to women in rural villages, as well as training to trade level for young men as carpenters, and in-service teacher training and resources for educational institutions. AADO’s […]

Christmas Appeal


The central message of giving to those most in need during Christmas is rapidly disappearing. We would encourage you to think of those far less fortunate. Afghanistan is currently facing several of its biggest challenges with a newly formed, power-sharing unity government, imminent troop withdrawal and a decline in humanitarian support providing food, education, health resources being amongst a […]